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  • As a single parent, I will work to ensure that all children have access to the best environment that we can provide in Woonsocket. 

Currently the statehouse allocates funds to municipal school departments using a “fair funding formula”.  This formula is anything but fair to urban communities which are home to large numbers of families with school aged children and multi-family dwellings.  Woonsocket has the lowest paid teachers in the state with the highest population classrooms, yet students who enter our system from out of district score much better on STAR and RICAS exams after only one or two years. Our teachers and administrators are doing their job, we need to ensure that they have the resources they need and are fairly compensated for doing so. A re-examination of the fair funding formula will be my top priority in January.

  • As an entrepreneur, I recognize that Rhode Island can do better in ensuring the success of businesses in our state.

Rhode Island does a pretty good job of ensuring that our large employers (CVS, Hasbro, Amica) keep their operations in state, but our small business environment is consistently rated one of the least favorable in the country.  Woonsocket in particular is home to a huge amount of “business natural resources” such as former mill and industrial space and property as well as unused commercial office space. I will seek to be appointed to the Small Business committee and work to explore easing of regulations or creation of incubation programs to help create and keep small businesses in Rhode Island.

  • As an engineer, I will bring a logical and measured approach to solving the problems that our state faces today and the challenges of tomorrow.

For a decade I worked under industrial engineering PEs performing efficiency studies and audits on government, military and industrial organizations.  Our whole focus was to find areas that worked well and expand upon them as well as to identify problems and inefficiencies and propose solutions. This experience will give me a unique perspective when it comes to working on our laws in the assembly.

  • As an independent, I will vote in the best interest of District 49, Woonsocket and all Rhode Islanders, not with the special interests of any party.

Running as an Independent in Rhode Island is tough, but as almost 75% of the voters in District 49 are not registered Democrats or Republicans I feel that my philosophy of looking at each issue on its own merit is shared by my neighbors. And my priority will always be District 49 and Woonsocket, first and foremost.